Driving Ambition provides off road lessons on private roads for under 17's or anyone wanting a safe place to start.

Turweston Aerodrome  Brackley  NN13 5YD   -   20 Minutes from M1 J15A   or  M40 J10

You can also purchase and/or book by calling - 01280 704721 / 07774 940814


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Buy two under 17 off road lessons at same time and get the second with a 20% discount in the shopping cart when ordered together

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You can pay using the links above to pay or call 01280-704721 to book and pay over the phone. If you are looking for a short notice booking please call Mark Prewett on 07774-940814 .

Your off road lesson will be on a one to one basis. There are only a few under 17 off road driving schools in the UK. Most schools will get you to share a car with two other learners, but with Driving Ambition it will be just you and your instructor as we feel that sharing a car with others puts the learner under too much pressure and leads to competition between students.

Driving Ambition was established by Mark Prewett in 1990. We have been teaching under 17's at Turweston Aerodrome since 2001. We have exclusive use of the aerodrome for learner driving lessons.

Turweston Aerodrome - Brackley  Northamptonshire  NN13 5YD

UNDER 17 DRIVING LESSONS - ideal for 15 / 16 year olds. They are also perfect for anyone of any age wanting experience before driving on roads with other traffic. One to one only (no car sharing with other pupils - unless requested by you)

We are all DVSA approved and been checked by the DVSA and The Criminal Records Bureau ( CRB )

We teach off road on private land at Turweston Aerodrome near Brackley, Northamptonshire, NN13 5YD 7 days a week 9am - 7pm.

Over 3000 under 17's have come to us from all over the UK

Over 100 partially sighted people have had driving experiences with us

Off road driving experiences are ideal for 15 / 16 year olds. They are also perfect for anyone of any age wanting experience before driving on roads with other traffic. We are also experienced in offering driving experiences for the Blind , Partially sighted , and those with Dyslexia, Dyspraxcia, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) .

Driving Instructors required to help with demand for on road plus under 17 off road driving lessons. Please email  Ldriving@aol.com

Photos of the aerodrome

Photos of the aerodrome


Turweston Aerodrome

 Located near the village of Turweston, in north Buckinghamshire near the Northamptonshire border. It is a former Royal Air Force Second World War bomber training facility, now a  and airfield.

Turweston Aerodrome re-opened for business in 1994, having been rebuilt as a combined airfield, aero-club, flight school and rally track. In 2001 Driving Ambition started offering under 17 off road lessons.

Instructors – 5

Over 2000 under 17 off road lessons.


Car controls
Stop/start (anti-stall tuition)
Turn in the road
Emergency stops
Basic safety checks
Theory and hazard tuition


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Concrete Roads
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