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Q) Where are you?

A) Our off road driving school is based at Turweston Aerodrome near Silverstone and Brackley in Northamptonshire (NN13 5YD). We have visitors coming to us from all over the UK. At present this is our only site.

We are about 20 Minutes from Banbury, and 30 about Minutes from Oxford, Northampton and Milton Keynes

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Our aim is to give young drivers a head start and teach them the skills needed to handle a car very safely before mixing with traffic on the road.

Q) Are you a proper driving school?

A) Yes! We are DVSA Approved driving instructors who spend most of the week teaching learner drivers preparing for their theory, hazard and driving tests. At weekends and school holidays we teach off road as well.

Q) Please describe Turweston Aerodrome

A) Turweston Aerodrome is an 'active' airfield. We are authorised to use the perimeter road around the site. Not only can you learn to drive with us but there are also flying lessons and rally driving experiences. Although these are not supplied by us we can put you in touch.

Q) What would my child learn while with you?

A) It depends on their age, skill and length of lesson. We teach exactly as we would with 17+ students on the road. These are proper driving lessons not just 'an experience'.

We teach the controls, moving away safely, changing gears, manouvres. Hill starts, emergency stops. General safety checks can also be taught (tyres, lights, fluids)

We can also introduce our pupils to the Theory and Hazards tests they will face at 17.

Off road lessons do not mean muddy hills in 4 x4 cars .We use Dual controlled cars on the tarmac and concrete tracks around the edge of the Aerodrome.

Q) How long are the lessons?

A) We offer 1, 1.5 or 2 hour lessons. If you would like more we suggest you have a break of 1 or 1.5 hours for lunch.

Q) How do I pay?

A) To pay for off road lessons please click here or call 01280-704721

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Q) Do they have to share the car?

A) No. We offer one to one tuition unless requested otherwise

Most off road sites will put your child in a car with 1 or 2 strangers. This is not good for confidence and only allows a short time for each pupil. If you book 2 hours in the car, that's exactly what you get.


Q) What do other parents think of Driving Ambition?

A) Please have a look at our Guest Book

Q) What do we do while our Son/Daughter is having their lesson?

A) You are welcome to watch, take photographs and video if you wish. There is a Cafe on the site and within 15 minutes there are several good pubs, a Little Chef & MacDonalds in Towcester. - For Cafe details click here


Q) Can I teach my Son/Daughter in my own car?

A) We can supply permits to private individuals who wish to allow their Son/Daughter to practice on private land. If they are not insured it is at your own risk. If you prefer we will teach them in our dual controlled driving school cars which are insured for off road tuition. 

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