Private practice off road with Driving Ambition in your own car

Young drivers learning in a Driving Ambition school car (with dual controls), with a Driving Ambition Instructor are covered by their instructors own off road insurance.

Please note...... Turweston Aerodrome was a WW2 airfield with a mixture of tarmac and concrete roads. It is suitable for learners looking to get BASIC CONTROL AT LOW SPEEDS . 3rd/4th is possible on the smooth tarmac section but on the concrete sections we advise 1st/2nd gear. Please drive the area before you allow a learner to drive so you know the layout. Please read through this page before buying a permit.

Turweston Aerodrome is open 7 days a week from 9:30am to dusk (gates locked)

If you are supervising a learner driver in your own vehicle, you are responsible for your own insurance and are liable for any damage to private property at the Aerodrome. If you enter without insurance you do so at your own risk.

Staff at the Aerodrome may ask to see your permit and will ask you to leave if you do not have a permit , or believe you are driving in a unsafe manner.

L - Plates must be displayed. Users of the Aerodrome enter entirely at their own risk . If you are unsure about practicing in your own vehicle then please discuss this with us on 07774-940814

Driving Ambition has off road and public liability insurance that allows us to teach off road to under 17's in our own dual controlled cars. We have permission from the owner of the Aerodrome to teach on his private land and issue permits on his behalf. You are responsible for your own insurance.