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Permits are sent to you by email later the same day. Please try to give at least 24 hours notice if possible.

Young drivers learning in a Driving Ambition school car (with dual controls), with a Driving Ambition Instructor are covered by their instructors own off road insurance.

Please note...... Turweston Aerodrome was a WW2 airfield with a mixture of tarmac and concrete roads. It is suitable for learners looking to get BASIC CONTROL AT LOW SPEEDS . On the concrete sections we advise 1st/2nd/3rd gear. Please drive the area before you allow a learner to drive so you know the layout. Please read through this page before buying a permit. This area is not suitable for high speeds. 

Turweston Aerodrome is open 7 days a week from 9:00am to 6:00pm (gates locked)

This private practice area is strictly for the use of private individuals, no other commercial companies who benefit financially are permitted unless with prior agreement with Driving Ambition or Turweston Aerodrome

The site is exclusively used by Driving Ambition, no other driving schools are permitted unless working on behalf of Driving Ambition

If you are supervising a learner driver in your own vehicle, you are responsible for your own insurance and are liable for any damage to private property at the Aerodrome. If you enter without insurance you do so at your own risk.

Staff at the Aerodrome may ask to see your permit and will ask you to leave if you do not have a permit , or believe you are driving in a unsafe manner.

L - Plates must be displayed. Users of the Aerodrome enter entirely at their own risk . If you are unsure about practicing in your own vehicle then please discuss this with us on 07774-940814

Driving Ambition has off road and public liability insurance that allows us to teach off road to under 17's in our own dual controlled cars. We have permission from the owner of the Aerodrome to teach on his private land and issue permits on his behalf. You are responsible for your own insurance.

These requirements are to protect other vehicles, staff and property on the site.

Where can I practice at Turweston Aerodrome after purchasing my permit?  Please view the image below to see the areas we can use.  You must keep to the green roads as the red area is owned by the farm next door.  The red area is used by horse riders.

Please note - Airside areas are of the aerodrome including the runway are strictly out of bounds to vehicles. You must avoid the tarmac areas around the hanger buildings. If in doubt please call 07774-940814

Just a brief safety reminder.

The cafe is open to the public, but at no point is it safe to either access the apron, ( area where planes come in to park), or to walk across the runway.
The runway is clearly sectioned off and clearly marked, and at no time is it safe to use it as a short cut.
Please take great care whilst on site, and if you are unsure where to go we will always be happy to help advise you.
This is a very busy Aerodrome and the safety of everyone on site is of upmost importance to the whole team.
Thank you.

This private practice area is strictly for the use of private individuals, no other commercial companies who benefit financially are permitted unless with prior agreement with Driving Ambition or Turweston Aerodrome

Every year since our eldest was 13 we have purchased a Driving Permit (for a maximum of 3 months a year) which has given us the freedom to put our children in the driving seat! Our eldest passed his test 1st time in a different county, having taken only 2 teacher based driving lessons! Our middle child will be 17 shortly, he learnt to drive in our Galaxy! I have just purchased a one months Driving Permit in order he can dust off any cobwebs. We have saved a fortune doing it this way and we would recommend this to anyone and everyone!
— ‎Emma Bazeley Feb 2018
Took two teenage sons for some driving practice on a day pass. One has a few lessons under his belt the other has never been behind the wheel before. This was the perfect place. Quiet and enough space for a novice to get to grips with the basics of clutch, brake and gears. Some of the road surface is slightly cratered, but not problematic at learner speeds. There is also a café but we didn’t go in, too busy driving. Highly recommended if you want to practice driving skills without the stress of other road users. Also a lovely bonding day with my boys.

— Steve Day April 2018

Click here for details of Turweston Aerodrome's Flying Pig Cafe which you are welcome to use




We can also accept Credit/Debit cards by phone (01280-704721)

Please avoid the 22nd and 23rd June 2019 unless you are coming to the aerodrome fly-in airshow