Theory Test is 20 years old

Top 3 reasons that people fail the theory test.

Not everyone passes their theory test first time. The pass rate in 2014 to 2015 was 49.3%.

Some of the top reasons people fail include:

  • road and traffic signs
  • safety margins
  • rules of the road

How the theory test developed

The theory test was introduced as a written part of the driving test process, replacing questions asked by the driving examiner during the driving test.

It later became a computer-based test, with a hazard perception test introduced to test candidates’ awareness of developing hazards.

Since its introduction, the hazard perception test has been shown to reduce non-low-speed accidents by an estimated 11% for novice drivers in their first year of driving.

Modernising hazard perception clips

The filmed video clips were replaced with high-quality computer generated imagery (CGI) in January 2015. These contain more modern vehicles, roads, and surroundings.

In the future, DVSA wants to introduce CGI clips that show situations with vulnerable road users, like children, cyclists, and motorcyclists. These can be used to create situations that would be too difficult or dangerous to film.